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Video: GOP rolls out in Iowa

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    >>> it's the unofficial start to the iowa caucus campaigns. five republican hopefuls testing their message last night on iowa 's social conservatives . as the nation watched. it was the first time that several potential republican contenders shared the stage. hitting a range of social issues.

    >> no american tax money will go to any abortion, anywhere outside the united states , period.

    >> we have people in washington, d.c., who say marriage will be defined however we feel like defining it. no, it won't.

    >> a baby in the womb, at least 20 weeks of gestational age, eyes and ears and arms and legs, it's a baby. that baby was being delivered then killed.

    >> let's bring in strategist kevin madden working with us who worked with the romney campaign last time and is an informal adviser to mitt romney . should he officially announce, you would be involved. mitt romney nowhere on the stage. this is a good one to miss.

    >> i don't think anybody's missing anything right now. i think there's going to be plenty of time to engage voters whether they're economic, conservative, social conservative , national security conservatives, throughout the course of the campaign once it really starts up. i think a lot of the folks that are right now in the single digit phase when it comes to name recognition, many of them have to go out there and really create awareness among a lot of the key voters, the key voting constituencies out in iowa . that's what many of these folks are doing.

    >> it's striking that coming out of a recession with a very weak recovery, with all the problems we're facing now, that the focus was so much on social issues. clearly that's playing to the social conservatives in iowa who are predominant there. if you look at the nbc news/" wall street journal " poll, 65% of the people more likely to vote for a republican candidate who --

    >> this is a faith values forum. these candidates are out there talking about the issues. it's not so much playing to them. many of these voters out there who are economic conservatives believe it's important that the party maintain its heritage as a party of social conservative values. and that those are key to distinguishing our party versus the democrats in any national election. you're right. i think still many voters are going to be mobilized and they are going to be unpersuaded to vote for republican candidacy in the general election based on an economic argument.

    >> of course, mitt romney has a problem with some of the social conservatives . he got clobbered in iowa by mike huckabee .

    >> we definitely didn't win. we hoped to win and we didn't. i think governor romney was still at that time meeting a lot of these voters for the first time.

    >> to you think some of it's prejudice by evangelical voters who are suspicious of his faith?

    >> i think a lot of these voters will look at faith and how it informs their life, how it informs their policies. i think there are probably a small sliver of the electorate that didn't vote for him because they disagree with his particular faith. there are a number of folks that aren't mormons that supported him because they do believe he was strong on family issues, strong on issues related to life. there's absolutely been a change in his position given the past. but i think many of the people that are in the pro-life movement believe that it's important to persuade people to move in the right direction. he's done that and stands as a testament for people in the pro-life movement's work.

    >> he did very well in new hampshire the other day, but some are saying this is still a little bit contortionist where he's trying to explain that he was against, or he was in favor of health care similar to president obama 's for health reform in massachusetts before he's now against it. saying it's a states rights issue that they're testing different options in the state c --

    >> republicans and democrats were in favor of health care reform where we differed on the specifics. folks on capitol hill differed with republicans on capitol hill , differed with how democrats are going to do it. governor romney made clear where he differed with president obama and democrats we ought not to have a one size fits all health care standard for 50 states with 50 different unique health care populations. that's an important distinction he's going to continue to make. most important, we're not going to have this re-litigation, but instead governor romney and many republicans are having an opportunity to offer, what's their vision going forward? how are they going to lower costs, how are we going to continue to increase access? the approach the obama administration and congressional democrats took was the wrong approach.

    >> to be continued. kevin madden. the game starts.

    >> you can imagine it will be continuing.


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