The water-powered radio you can sing along with in the shower.
updated 3/18/2011 7:46:48 PM ET 2011-03-18T23:46:48

Like singing along to the radio while you're showering, but hate wasting battery and water energy? The H2O Power water-powered shower radio could keep you hitting all the high notes, while conserving energy.

UK company H2O has developed a radio intended for showers that have external hoses running from the taps to the shower head. The radio screws into place between the hose and the taps. Power is generated from the force of water flowing through the radio and pressurized by an internal jet system that spins a micro turbine to create energy.

Excess power generated by the water flow is also capable of being stored on a Ni-Mh rechargeable battery. This makes listening to the radio possible even while drying off.

Currently, only showers that have external hoses running from the taps to the shower head can be paired with the radio.

The company is also developing the Showerindicator, a device using the same hydroelectric technology to help save energy by reducing shower time. Water flow illuminates an LED light that gives a gentle indication of how many minutes you've been showering.

H2O makes a variety of water-powered products, even calculators and clocks that are powered by the chemical reaction between water and lemon juice.

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