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    >>> let's bring it back here, at the scene of last year's huge environmental disaster in this country, well, it's back in the news tonight. fresh signs of oil in the waters off louisiana . the first report started to surface along with a sheen on the water over the weekend. now there's more evidence and a bigger response and the search for the culprit. nbc's tom costello is back in grand isle , louisiana for us tonight. tom, good evening.

    >> reporter: brian, that's the big question, who is responsible for this? the coast guard says it's definitely gulf crude, is it from the bp spill or is there another well that may have sprung a leak? in an area of the louisiana coast among the hardest hit by the bp oil spill , oil is once again coming ashore. cleanup crews once again trying to contain it. and from the air, evidence the oil isn't limited to this beach, large areas of water are covered in an oily sheen. trevor dean blanchard has 1400 fishermen working for him. many are reporting in.

    >> i had one guy say it looked like there was 40 to 50 miles. another guy told me he thought it was close to 100 miles.

    >> reporter: 100 miles of oil?

    >> he said he was in it for ten hours.

    >> reporter: the area stretches from caminada boy to port fouchon. 15 to 30 miles of coastline. for the people of louisiana hoping they had turned the corner after last year's bp oil spill , the site of boom on the beach is stunning.

    >> 7:30 in the morning are i put my head down, i said you can't be doing this -- this can't be happening.

    >> reporter: grand isle mayor showed us garden isle beach, it's clean and was packed with tourists this weekend. he's worried a new spill could once again be threatening the louisiana coast. the costs guard, the fishermen in the area, the town, they're all conducting independent lab tests to try to figure out if they could find a fingerprint of the oil to figure out where it's coming again. but brian, those tests won't be back until later in the week.

    >> tom, i can't believe we're looking at all of this all over again. tom costello, grand isle , louisiana . this is the last thing they need.

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