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Libyan rebels: Regime forces shelling supply route

Forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi have been shelling a route used to ferry supplies from across the Tunisian border to rebel hideouts in the mountains of western Libya, rebels there said on Tuesday.Full story

Mourners demand revenge in Libya after NATO strike

Libyans shouting for revenge buried Moammar Gadhafi's second youngest son to the thundering sound of anti-aircraft fire Monday, as South Africa warned that the NATO bombing that killed him would only bring more violence. Full story

NATO searches for drifting mine off Misrata

NATO minesweepers searched the approaches of Misrata harbor Monday for a drifting mine that has blocked aid supplies to the besieged Libyan city and halted evacuation of foreigners and wounded Libyans. Full story

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Libya says shelled port to stop arms delivery to rebels

Libyan village clinics become trauma centers

Libyan rebel: Shelling in Misrata kills 9

Nine killed by shelling in Misrata: Libyan rebel

Photojournalist is mourned at NYC church service

NATO jets stop attack on rebel-held port in Libya

District of Libya's Misrata under mortar fire: rebels

Ship tries to rescue migrants from Libyan port

Gadhafi forces shell Misrata port

Misrata and western Libya remain focus for aid: U.S


  Rebels claim Misrata as more unrest hits Syria

The Libyan opposition claims it controls Misrata, the North African nation’s third-largest city, while in Syria, government forces once again turned their guns on protesters. NBC’s Richard Engel reports.

  April 23: Nightly News Saturday broadcast

St. Louis picks up after ‘hell’ of tornado; Rebels claim Misrata, look again to Tripoli; As gas prices soars, Americans shift routines; Divorce, debt catch Dodgers in a pickle; ‘King’ of royal correspondents eyes next big scoop

  Engel: Rebels make 'significant' progress in Misrata

NBC's Richard Engel joins TODAY with a look at the progress being made by rebels in Misrata, Libya, and whether the presence of American predator drones are helping the rebels advance.

  Libyans fight for every foot amid specter of stalemate

In the devastated heart of Misrata, Libyan fights Libyan for every building on every street. ITN’s Paul Davies reports on the nature of the battle, and what it has done to the city.

  Siege continues to bring misery in Misrata

Libyan rebels are paying a heavy price for resisting Gadhafi forces in Misrata. NBC's Richard Engel reports.

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TOPSHOTSA Libyan rebel lies on the ground after being wounded by a mortar shell which killed two rebels after it was fired by Moamer Kadhafi's forces in Al-Ghiran near Misrata airport on May 1, 2011 as a salvo of rockets hit the besieged city. AFP PHOTO / CHRISTOPHE SIMON

Smoke billows from the port of the besieged city of Misrata following shelling a day earlier from Moamer Kadhafi's forces on May 2, 2011.