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ORLANDO — As smartphones grow in popularity, many device users want to know how to get in on the lucrative app market: Who wouldn't want to be the person to come up with the next Angry Birds?

Conduit Mobile, a new Web-based app development environment, aims to be simple enough to use so that anyone can create apps. Here at the CTIA Wireless convention, Conduit president Adam Boyden demonstrated just how easy it is to do so. In less than a minute, he created one that aggregates media and stats from NBA teams and regularly updates itself.

The system is straightforward and lets those without programming or app-development knowledge put together an app with the features they want and customize how the user interacts with it. The interface also allows users to select features, including feeds from social networks and news organizations.

Apps through Conduit can be created for any of the major app stores, including the Apple App Store and the Android Market. Users can make an app once and then submit it to multiple stores. However, Apple's notoriously thorough app-approval process still applies.

While Conduit Mobile is a powerful tool, it's not necessarily the answer to every need.

"You're not going to use this to make [popular iPhone action game] 'Infinity Blade,'" Boyden said, "But it's perfect for people who want an app to do something specific or for content publishers."

Conduit specializes in helping publishers create apps to share their content on more smartphone platforms. But thousands of independent users have been making apps that range from news feeds to games.

The best part is that it's free, Boyden noted. Potential developers can sign up and publish an app without paying subscriptions, and Conduit can even help people implement advertising in their apps.


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