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Video: Senate to vote on budget extension

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    >>> the senate is set to vote this afternoon on a three-week budget extension. if it passes as expected, that starts the countdown clock on a final deal. otherwise, the government turns off the lights at midnight on june 8th . today, making that deal just got a little bit harder, perhaps. house budget chair, republican paul ryan said a shutdown sounds worse than it probably is and accused the president of punting on the spending debate. politico's assistant managing editor, jeanne cummings joins us now. jeanne , good to see you.

    >> good to see you. let's read this full quote. he says, shutdown is not a crash. it sounds worse than it probably is. the point is this. do we want to get a grip on government spending or not? is he saying maybe he doesn't mind a government shutdown ? what's this, a shot across the bow ?

    >> well, he sounds like someone who wasn't here in the mid-'90s when, indeed, there were partial government shutdowns and what people found out is that people did care about what was going on. now, the republicans are likely to be smarter this time and they're going to keep some offices open that have an impact in '94, for instance, checks for social security were delayed back in the mid- 1990s . i doubt we'll see a repeat of that. however, people did complain when they were off on their spring break vacations and they couldn't get into parks and places like that. and that surprised republicans back then. it could surprise them again.

    >> so, jeanne , we have another temporary budget. what's the latest on the budget negotiations for a longer-term deal? i mean, i think both sides are pretty sick of this kick the can down the road and do a little budget band-aid. everybody wants to get a longer term budget, but is there any evidence of progress?

    >> well, it's difficult to tell because it's a very small negotiating session. it's interesting that paul ryan complained today that he had not talked to the president about these spending decisions that are being made. but house speaker john boehner 's office has been in negotiations with the white house . so what we heard today or yesterday from senate majority leader harry reid is a complaint that the republicans are not coming to the table with enough compromises to make a deal work. and boehner is much acknowledged that they are hitting some bumps in the road when he said that it's a very hard process.

    >> you can say that again. jeanne cummings from politico, good to have you. thank you.


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