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A computer thief in Boston is learning the hard way that performing an embarrassing victory dance is not the best way to celebrate your crime.

After his MacBook Air laptop was stolen two months ago, Bentley University freshman Mark Bao took digital revenge, accessing a cloud server on which his computer’s data was stored to identify the culprit who’d taken his computer, Gawker reported.

According to messages posted on Bao’s Twitter account, Bao used the backup server Backblaze to download the thief’s Safari Web browsing history and Facebook profile.

The sweet revenge, however, came when Bao found a video the thief had made of himself dancing to the Travis Porter song “Make it Rain.” Bao uploaded the video to YouTube with the title “Don’t steal computers belonging to people who know how to use computers.”

The video, posted on March 19, quickly became a viral hit, and has been viewed more than 376,000 times. “Come on, if you’re about to record a video of yourself dancing on a stolen laptop, at least be good at dancing!” Bao wrote on Twitter on March 19.

From here, the story of savvy techie versus celebrating crook takes an unexpected turn. Embarrassed that his dancing routine was made public and open to ridicule, the thief returned Bao’s laptop to the police and wrote an email to Bao expressing his regret and asking for the video to be taken down.

In an email the thief wrote to Bao, which Bao then posted on, the crook said, “I know I am in no position for asking you for favors but Can [sic] you please put down the videos that you have put up of me. I know what I did was wrong and if I was a different person fine leave it up but I do have two Professional jobs that iif [sic] something like that gets leak I can get in more [sic] trouble and be more embarrass [sic] as well.”

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