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Human trafficking weapon often left in holster

U.S. law enforcement agencies seek to enlist victims to battle human trafficking, but a special "T visa" program designed to gain their cooperation isn't being used nearly as often as it could be, leaving thousands more men, women and children at risk. Full story

Regaining trust, a session at a time

The sex slaves next door

So-called "Latino Residential Brothels," an insidious form of prostitution that has been creeping into the country for several decades, adopt sophisticated camouflage to elude U.S. authorities. Full story

Victims of the 'unimaginable' speak out
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Human trafficking around the world

Huge regions enforce the Trafficking Victims Protection Act poorly, if at all.

A growing problem

Since first appearing in the U.S. in 1989, "Latino Residential Brothels" have reached at least 25 states.

The supply chain

How the girls are lured from their homes in Central or South America into prostitution in the U.S.