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    >> will reconsider a link between the artificial dyes found in foods and adhd in kids. tom costello has details. good morning, tom.

    >> reporter: hi, meredith. we are at whole foods because it doesn't have any products in which there are colors, dyes, additives, sweeteners. the debate over whether the dyes may be linked to adhd is new but there are signs the fda may change its opinion. at the van family home in washington, d.c., the morning rush is on. for 11-year-old riley and 9-year-old jackson, breakfast is in the blender, bananas, strawberries and orange juice with a muffin. for lunch, pbj with organic jelly. three years ago when 8-year-old riley was showing signs of adhd , mom threw out every food containing artificial dyes and flavors.

    >> in two weeks i could tell a difference in my children in their handwriting, their focus, doing homework.

    >> reporter: jackie said this is an example of his homework before the new diet and several weeks after. now the fda is looking at blue 1 and 2, green 3 , orange b , yellow 5 and 6, red 40 and red 3 found in everything from drinks to candy, baked goods, chips, pickles and mac & cheese . many consumer advocates have said there is a link between the dyes and hyperer activity.

    >> something genetic is going on. but then along comes food dyes and they can trigger it in at least some kids.

    >> reporter: the fda has said there is no evidence of an adhd link but now say it is condition may be exacerbated by exposure to a number of substances in food, including but not limited to artificial food colors . the grocery manufacturers of america insist there is no dmemon strabl link. a dietitian says we all need more color in food but the natural kind .

    >> we should put half our plate with fruits and vegetables. 70% of americans don't meet their fruit and veggie needs. the best thing we can do is get real color whole foods on the plate.

    >> reporter: going organic can be expensive but riley's mom is convinced it's worth it.

    >> he seems a little bit more focus, more calmed down. that's what made us believers.

    >> reporter: the fda begins two days of hearings to look at whether there is a link between adhd and the colors, whether there should be warning labels, whether they should ban the dyes or study it longer. back to you.

    >> thank you very much. it

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