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FDA panel: No warning needed on food dye

An advisory panel to the Food and Drug Administration has recommended that the agency further study the link between food coloring and childhood hyperactivity, but said products that contain the dyes do not need package warnings. Full story

FDA: Further study needed on food dyes

   An FDA panel on Thursday concluded that there's not enough evidence to prove a link between food dyes and ADHD in kids to require warnings on food packages. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

Food dye makers push back as U.S. panel weighs safety

Food dye makers argued on Thursday there is no proof their colorings make kids more hyperactive, aiming to fend off a consumer group's call for a government ban or warning on artificially brightened snacks and sodas. Full story

FDA examines link between food dyes, hyperactivity

The FDA is examining the link between dyes found in everyday foods and hyperactivity in children. Full story

FDA holds hearings on food dye risk

   The FDA holds hearing Wednesday to decide if foods with artificial coloring should include warning labels or be banned. Nutrition expert Dr. Ian Smith why this issue is rising to the surface now.

FDA investigates food dye-ADHD link

   The Food and Drug Administration will reconsider whether there might be a link between the artificial dyes found in many foods and ADHD in kids. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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TODAY Moms: Why some moms have banned artificial food dyes from their kids' diets

FDA to weigh if food dyes make kids hyper

Group calls for FDA ban of soda 'caramel'


  FDA: Is food dye making kids see red?

An FDA panel this week will weigh whether there's enough evidence of a connection between food dyes and hyperactive behavior in some children to either ban food dyes altogether, or put warning labels on products that use them. NBC's Tom Costello reports.

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