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SEDONA, Ariz., April 6, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- David Herzog is an award winning author and certified nutrition coach who has gathered an impressive wealth of knowledge on natural, raw, and organic health foods. He shares a recipe that will aid in protecting and assist in countering the negative effects from radiation.

-   People have recently become concerned about increased radiation exposure since the Japan nuclear meltdown. What people often don't realize is that we are exposed to radiation on a daily basis with our cell phones, x-rays, airport body scanners, and many other things.  

David Herzog is an award winning author and nutrition coach who has gathered an impressive wealth of knowledge on natural, raw, and organic health foods. His book " Natural to Super Natural Health " gives detailed information on the best ways to counter the effects of our exposure to radiation.

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-  There are foods that can counter the effect from radiation exposure and certified nutrition coach and award winning author, David Herzog has put them all together in this tasty salad recipe and an article with additional information on foods that will help to counteract the effects of radiation.


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Powdered spirulina
Pear slices

(You can add vinegar and oil or your own healthy vinaigrette dressing)

Why is it great for radiation protection?

Cilantro will move heavy metals and radioactive material out of the cells and into the detoxification pathways.

Spirulina reduces radiation.  During the Chernobyl disaster, a dose of 5 grams of spirulina for 45 days was used successfully in fighting radiation poisoning.

Pears are high in pectin and pectin is one of the most effective means of protecting against radiation when consumption of contaminated food becomes unavoidable.

Kelp also has organic iodine which will saturate the thyroid, preventing radioactive iodine from being absorbed.

Miso is effective for detoxifying your body of radiation. During World War II, two hospitals that were located side by side were hit with atomic radiation. In one hospital, people consumed miso and all of them survived. Many people in the other hospital that did not take miso died.

Avocados are optional.  The avocados add taste and round out the meal with healthy oils and fats.


There are natural ways to protect yourself, heal and remedy damage from levels we may face day to day or in an emergency situation. Doctors in Nagasaki, Japan had residents eating specific foods during WWII to combat the effects of radiation. These healing foods include seaweed, Miso soup and Japanese brown rice. Spirulina was used by the Russian medical community to combat the effects of radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Spirulina and Chlorella: used heavily by the Russians after the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster.

Miso Soup: Miso soup has long been a staple food in Japanese culture. Tan Koon Peng from Singapore writes: "Miso is effective for detoxifying your body of radiation. During World War II, two hospitals that were located side by side were hit with atomic radiation, in one hospital people consumed Miso and all of them survived while many people in the other hospital that did not take miso died. Miso is rich in vitamin B therefore it is suitable for vegetarians who are in shortage of vitamin B. For best results do not cook miso."

Baking Soda: Given the current situation in Japan today, it brings attention to the possibility of other nuclear related disasters worldwide. As a precautionary action, you may want to have a large amount of sodium bicarbonate on hand. Minimum stocks should be 25 or 50 pounds. Normally I recommend someone start with using one pound of bicarbonate in a bath but that could easily be two or three pounds in an emergency situation. "Uranium is one of the only metals that get significant bonding from carbonate. Just flushing a lot of bicarbonate through the system, along with whatever kidney support you are going to use, will be very helpful," writes Dr. Chris Shade. There is no better therapy for radiation sickness then intense sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and magnesium baths with the appropriate clay added in.

Curcumin: Research on animals indicates that curcumin (an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound found in the curry spice turmeric) may help protect against radiation-induced damage to the skin.

Cilantro and Clay Baths: cilantro will move heavy metals and radioactive material out of the cells into the detoxification pathways along with a detox help pull down hard on those pathways to get the stuff out through the intestines. The internal consumption of edible clay and external clays dramatically facilitate this process. Clay baths are a very effective way of removing heavy metals from the body and increase one's chances of survival if exposed to nuclear fallout.

Magnesium Baths & Dead Sea Salts: You will also need a lot of magnesium salts and the very best and most penetrating of them is the magnesium chloride in the form of magnesium. Dead Sea salt is also quite fine for this application.

Iodine: is the most obvious and important element in protecting against radiation damages. Radioactive iodine will plunge in to any and all iodine receptor cites that have no iodine in them due to iodine deficiencies. This is a serious problem because over 90 percent of people in North America, according to Dr. David Brownstein, are iodine deficient. This leaves them incredibly vulnerable to radioactive iodine, which is one of the principle forms of radiation given off in nuclear accidents and from nuclear weapons.

Buckwheat: high in rutin and helps to protect against radiation and stimulates new bone marrow production. The mucilaginous fiber in seaweed helps to prevent the reabsorbing of radioactive strontium 90.

Seaweed and sulfur-rich vegetables: "In WWII era Nagasaki, Japan, a group of surviving macrobiotic doctors and their patients avoided radiation sickness by eating brown rice, miso and seaweed. They also did not get leukemia. Seaweeds also help to break down fatty deposits. High-chlorophyll foods like wheatgrass and barley grass strengthen cells, transport oxygen, help to detoxify the blood and liver as well as help to neutralize polluting elements and stimulate RNA production. Sulfur-rich vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and mustard greens combine with heavy metals and help prevent free radical damage," says Mars.

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