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Video: Tornados, flooding hit Midwest

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    >>> the way. janice huff is tracking the storm. good morning.

    >>> good morning, lester . there were 27 tornado reports in iowa alone yesterday. one of those ripped through the wn of mapleton, iowa, with extreme amount of debris causing lots of power outages across the area. you can see that is a pretty large storm and one of the largest tornadoes that we can see, that we could find. there will be more tornadoes today. this morning we're seeing strong thunderstorms moving through the upper midwest . an area that doesn't usually have severe weather outbreaks until later in the season. for today this area shaded in red across wisconsin down to chica chicago, northern illinois , that's your greatest chance for those big tornadoes today moving eastward. ere's about a 75% chance or greater that you will see strong tornadoes in this area. otherwise, severe thunderstorms are likely from the great lakes down to the gulf coast today. and tomorrow it looks like it shifts east towards pittsburgh, back down to birmingham. a slight risk there as well. so spring is here for sure, lester . back to you.

    >> we'll see you in a bit with the national forecast.

    >>> along with severe storms , flooding along the red river in north dakota . the weather channel 's gentleman knell kleine is along the banks for us this morning. janelle, good morning.

    >> reporter: this is the third spring in a row moorhead has reached what is considered major flood stage and yet there is no sense of panic here in the city. that is because people here are so much better prepared. 12,000 volunteers spent the last two months preparing 2.5 million sandbags. sandbags which are now lining the banks and on the other side in moorhead, minnesota. in addition the cities have bought out some of the homes that are the most threatened and in their place built clay levees. that doesn't mean there is a sense of relief here, however. 600 national guard troops are patrolling those levees and those sandbag walls to make sure there are no breaches or breaks. they are also keeping a very close watch on the weather. thunderstorms today and high winds could pose a threat. white caps are one concern because they could cause that water to go over the sandbags or more likely, lester , make them wet and, therefore, weaken them.


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