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    >>> and breaking news from arizona . a federal appeals court has upheld a ban on ? enforcing the most controversial part of arizona 's tough new immigration law . nbc news justice correspondent pete williams reports now from the newsroom. pete, tell us about it and what does it mean, what does it mean for that enforcement?

    >> this say 2 - 1 vote by the federal appeals court in california. and it is basically upheld the ban on enforcing this law that was put into effect by a federal judge in arizona last year. you may remember the justice department challenged this tough new arizona law, which would have required police in that state, anytime they made a traffic stop, or any other arrest or stopped people for any reason, anyone they suspected of being in the u.s. illegally was to be held until they could work out with federal officials whether in fact the person had a legal right to be here. and the justice department said, this is a federal matter. it is for the federal government to enforce, not the states. the judge agreed with the government and now today by a 2 - 1 ruling. the federal appeals court agrees as well. so it is going to be up to arizona to decide whether to appeal this to the u.s. supreme court . i would guess it almost certainly will given how popular this law was. and how much the governor out there was behind it. what this means, andrea, is that arizona still cannot enforce the law. it keeps the current ban in effect. and, of course, it is a victory for the obama justice department , which had challenged this law in court.

    >> before they go to the supreme court , if they were to, the 9th circuit is considered a more liberal circuit than some. could they try to get the entire 9th circuit court en banc or there is one more intermediate step but they could go to the supreme court ?

    >> it is your choice for arizona , whoever loses in the three-judge panel has the option of asking the full 9th circuit to look again at this, or they can simply bypass that and go directly to the supreme court . you're right, generally the 9th circuit is considered more liberal, but it is becoming less so as the years go ?by, andrea.

    >> thanks so much, pete williams , breaking news on that big arizona case.

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