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Video: Rebels reject Gadhafi-backed ceasefire

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    >> you. libyan rebels are reject a cease-fire proposal backed by moammar gadhafi and the african union . stephanie gosk has the latest. good morning.

    >> reporter: good morning. the african delegation was given a warm reception in tripoli but they did not get a warm welcome in benghazi. the proposal they put forward did not include gadhafi's immediate te par temperature so rebel leaders said it was a nonstarter. they rejected it within hours and the delegation left in a hurry. they were jeered by a crowd outside the hotel as they were leaving. the negotiations never really got off the ground. in another development the white house is getting involved in the case of missing journalists. four journalists disappeared a week ago today including two americans. jay carney has asked the libyan government to set them free. among them, clare gillis, an american woman who writes for the atlantic. editors at the magazine say they believe the libyan government detained the group. no one has had direct contact with them. tamron?

    >> stephanie, thank you. the president


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