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Video: Deadly storms kill dozens across 6 statesĀ 

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    >> the tornadoes that battered nebraska and other -- north carolina and other states over the weekend. kerry sanders , good morning to you.

    >>> good morning. for the destruction, death and sorrow there is also cause for celebration. the home behind me, with a direct hit there, nine people who saw the tornado rushed into the house and they all survived. remarkable story of folks able to get through all this a short distance away while others unfortunately did not make it. the early estimate, believed to be an ef-3 meaning the winds in the tornado were up to 165 miles per hour.

    >> scariest thing i have ever been through. i thought we were going to die.

    >> right there, right there, tornado on the ground.

    >> reporter: unrelenting twisters.

    >> whoa, that's violent.

    >> i'm still in shock.

    >> reporter: ripping aparking lot -- apart schools, homes, businesses and spirit.

    >> wow, destruction.

    >> reporter: dozens killed statewide.

    >> i lost a grandmother, mother and a dad.

    >> reporter: the storms began in oklahoma thursday. the rampage continued for days getting worse along the way with more than 200 tornadoes killing people in a half dozen states from arkansas to virginia.

    >> words really can't describe this.

    >> right over there.

    >> reporter: in virginia, 14-year-old rashad matthews escaped just in time.

    >> when the tornado touched down, like, it was madness. it sounded like a train was coming to hit the house.

    >> reporter: in a nearby middle school --

    >> these buses were uprooted.

    >> reporter: two school buses flipped and crushed like metal toys.

    >> total damage looks like 8 1/ 2 miles .

    >> reporter: back here in coal rain north carolina it's like a war zone .

    >> a lot to take in.

    >> reporter: vashanda hurl's grandmother's house was obliterated. there were at least 11 deaths here. families are trying to recover what's left of their belongings.

    >> memories. that's all we have left.

    >> reporter: amidst the devastation nearby a birthday card , an anniversary card and in one house, amazingly, a few dishes on a shelf remain unbroken.

    >> it's just the emotional devastation, you know, as well as the physical.

    >> this is where the lowe's department store was hit.

    >> reporter: in sanford, north carolina , this is all that remains of a lowe's home improvement store. more than a hundred people survived inside when the store manager brought them to the rear. in the suburbs outside the capital city of raleigh, in david stiles' neighborhood, many are lost but hope is not.

    >> we love our neighborhood and neighbors. we want to get everything repaired and try to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

    >> reporter: getting back to normal will be difficult. most of the schools are closed today. utilities are out, electricity, water, telephones and the cell phone towers are down which will make the coordination of the cleanup that much more difficult. matt?

    >> kerry sanders in north carolina

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