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  Lawsuit finds little joy in Happy Meal toys

Dec. 17: Nightly News Friday broadcast

  President Obama strikes tax cut deal; Congress looks past tax deal; Attacks target militants in Pakistan; Top C.I.A. agent in Pakistan returns to U.S.; Assange responds to critics; 'Grim sleeper' serial killer photos released; Madoff insider's estate gives back $7.2 billion; Winter weather spans glo

Sad news: Happy Meal ban won't stop kid obesity

The decision of San Francisco city officials to thwart toy giveaways with high-fat, high-calorie meals is supposed to protect kids from obesity. Full story

San Francisco considers banning Happy Meal toys

  A proposed city ordinance would ban McDonald's from putting toys in McDonald's Happy Meals. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

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San Francisco moves closer to Happy Meal ban

McDonald's Happy Meal is S.F.'s latest target


  Goup wants to ban Happy Meal toys

The "Food police" threatens a lawsuit to remove toys from McDonald's Happy Meals. NBC's Erika Edwards reports.

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Happy Meal
Happy Meal

A Happy Meal box and toy are shown outside of a McDonald's restaurant in San Francisco, Friday, Oct. 1, 2010. A proposed city ordinance would require the giant hamburger chain to either stop putting little toys for kids in those Happy Meal boxes, or otherwise make them healthier by adding fruit and