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Just as it does with his mom, Cindy Crawford, the camera loves Presley Walker Gerber. Unfortunately, so do online scammers.

Internet criminals have begun rigging Google Image results of the 11-year-old heartthrob to direct traffic to corrupt Web pages, the security firm Websense reports.

Type "Presley Walker" into Google Images and be prepared to be lured by the long blond hair and a face that remarkably resembles his model mother's. But click on the wrong pic and you may end up on a Web page that exploits vulnerabilities in your computer to steal your sensitive information.

This cyberscam is called a drive-by download. Unlike cybercrime ploys that require you to explicitly download attachments or enter your credit card info, drive-by downloads can infect your computer without your complicity or knowledge.

And as the child's attractive looks are likely to draw massive online attention, clicking on other images of Walker can lead users down a different, equally dangerous path.

In addition to the drive-by download pages, other images direct users to pages hosting fake antivirus scams, which try to trick you into believing your system is infected with a virus in order to get you to purchase fake antivirus software.

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