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Video: High gas prices leave Americans empty

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    >>> no relief for drivers having to travel for this holiday. the national average at the pump is just 25 cents off the all-time high and nbc's ron allen is here with more. he came back to repeat this story even though we're all grumbling about it.

    >> reporter: thanks for having me back. in the last hour gas prices have not gone up. that just in, but they did go up overnight, up half a penny so today the average is at 3.86 a gallon. a month ago it was 3.56 a gallon and a year ago, way back when, 2.85 a gallon, and there are six states where it will cost you more than $4 a gallon, including d.c. as well. and as you might imagine, drivers are not happy.

    >> gas is ridiculous.

    >> it really stinks.

    >> got to be hurting people.

    >> i'm not happy about it, of course. we run a construction business and fuel is just killing us.

    >> that's $81.24 to fill my minivan. that's a lot of money to pay.

    >> it is a lot of money to pay and, of course, it's making people change their driving habits. here's a poll out that says more than half of the drivers asked said that they were going to change their driving habits and as you get to the middle class people who earn less than $50,000 a year, of course, the middle class is getting squeezed. emergency that. hear what some drivers are saying about what they want to do with their driving habits.

    >> prices go up to $5, i'm riding my bike every day.

    >> i'm probably start thinking about public transportation a little bit more.

    >> really try plan what we're doing so i don't have to take the car out as much as possible but we have four kids and they are all in sports, so there's a lot of driving.

    >> reporter: all this is just a re view to the summer driving season that doesn't even start for a month or so when prices normally go up, and there seems to be no relief in sight.


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