updated 2/17/2004 5:01:07 PM ET 2004-02-17T22:01:07

For months, the president has been bashed by Democratic candidates angling for his job.  For months, Americans have been hearing that their president is a liar who conned his way into war so fat-cat buddies could make billions of dollars.  The White House has remained strangely quiet and refused to spend its $150 million on campaign ads to defend the president’s record and honor. 

Now, my sources are telling me that the White House is not worried.  They’re just waiting for the right time to launch their counter-offensive against John Kerry.  Meanwhile, their man’s poll numbers have reached record lows and John Kerry is about to take a double-digit lead over the September 11 president. 

The longer the White House waits, the weaker the president’s poll numbers are surer to get and the more likely that Bush 43 will be a one-time wartime president, just like his old man.


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