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Video: How do parents feel about the breast-feeding doll?

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    litter box odor: you want it. purina tidy cats.

    >>> we are back with "sara on the streets."

    >> this week's topic the breast-feeding baby doll .

    >> i spoke to moms and dads shopping in the nbc experience store to find out whether they think this doll is innovative or insane. take a look. would you buy this baby doll for your daughter?

    >> sure, i would. i have a great niece i may buy for her. it's the most natural thing in the world and should be encouraged.

    >> i think the age you might buy the baby doll for, it might be hard to explain.

    >> because children watch their parents drive does not mean they would go out and drive.

    >> my kids are older, but when they were young they were only 20 months apart, it would have been ideal for my older girl when i was pregnant with my second daughter to really experience that.

    >> it's not explicit. you're not seeing anything. you're not seeing actual breasts.

    >> it encourages breast-feeding in a public environment. i'm not sure i'm that sort of up with that, to be perfectly honest.

    >> i would definitely buy it. her parents are very open to showing everything in real life .

    >> want to breast-feed the baby.

    >> no. that's fine. been there, done that.

    >> been there, done that, now they're down here.

    >> it was a mixed bag. i like the one when you have kids back to back a lot of times they are jealous of the baby so it gives them a chance.

    >> people weren't freaked out when they saw the idea.

    >> i really thought they would be.

    >> why?

    >> some parents pointed out kids take babies everywhere so your kid will park down in the i hop and start breast-feeding.

    >> it looks like they are playing in a natural way like that to me.

    >> they are breast petals.

    >> they have flowers. i don't see the damage in the whole thing. i may be completely wrong. we'll raise a whole generation of perverts, but


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