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    >>> update on the making a difference report. we brought you here last night. detroit dog rescue, the folks weric to save strays in detroit, as of yesterday, they were down to their last $43 after paying vet bills. since our story aired, they have received nearly $30,000 in contributions from generous viewers of ours. funny thing is we never mention said the possibility of donations. but we will now. if you would like to help, you can find the donation on our website, i'm

updated 5/11/2011 7:17:30 PM ET 2011-05-11T23:17:30

From Detroit Dog Rescue co-founder Monica Martino:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the first to notice what we’re doing and for sharing our story with the rest of the country.  The response has been incredible!  As soon as it aired on the East Coast, we were flooded with people joining the Facebook page and donating. And then every time the hour changed, and more people in more time zones saw it, we watched the donations rise.

We were actually down to our last $43 this morning, because we rescued 25 dogs from a hoarder out here and every one of those dogs needed medical care and spaying/neutering.  We used our last reserves to help them, and actually had no idea how we would have managed another week.

Now, just a few hours later, our donations are at $25,035.17, all because of the NBC piece.

It was an 11th hour miracle for us for sure.  

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