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Local Band to Tour Country After Getting Signed to Periscope Records

Wichita Falls, TX. Some local teenagers are trying to make their mark on the music business after recently landing a record deal.The six teenagers of "Affront the Abyss" recently got signed to Periscope Records and are heading out on their first tour next week.The metal core band will hit a handful Full story

"Charisma Cares" uses harsh photography to try and stop teen bullying

It isn't your typical teen photo shoot The images that come out of it don't depict happiness or a joyous occasion. Full story

Teen commits suicide after years of bullying

   Carlos Vigil takes his own life after his family describes years of being teased. KOB's Chris Ramirez reports.

‘There’s always the what if’s’

   As part of Hope week recently at Yankee Stadium,  Kirk Smalley talked to a group of school children about bullying.   Smalley’s  son killed himself when he was 11 after being bullied.  

Sibling bullying can leave lasting scars, study says

   The bullying kids face inside the home can be just as detrimental to the bullying faced outside the home according to a new study in the journal Pediatrics. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

When sibling spats go too far

   A new study addresses the long-term negative effects of sibling bullying, saying it can cause as much distress as bullying in the schoolyard. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman discusses the findings.

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Sibling Bullying Is Under-Recognized, Study Finds

Babies Have Sympathy for Bully Victims, Study Suggests

Service lets kids report bullying via text message

After parents file claim, school denies California teen reported bullying

Anonymous Backs Down From 'Doxing' Alleged Rapists

Bullies Hurt By Their Own Cruelty

Bullying eyed in death of 12-year-old Pennsylvania student

Psychological effects of bullying can last years

The Pain of Bullying Lasts into Adulthood

Bullying eases for lesbian, gay teens as they age: study


  The 11-year-old speaking truth to power

Melissa Harris-Perry’s “Footsoldier” this week is 11-year-old Marcel Neargard, an openly gay student who was bullied, but ultimately decided to change his community by speaking truth to power.

  New law gives parents tickets for kids’ bullying

TODAY’s Professionals – Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Star Jones, and Donny Deutsch – debate the topics making headlines today, including a new anti-bullying ordinance in Monona, Wis., that allows police to ticket parents for their children’s bullying behavior.

  Dad’s anti-bullying plea goes viral

When Matthew Bent’s son, Shiloh, confided that he was being bullied, Matthew took a unique approach, posting an anti-bullying message on Facebook saying “I stand behind my son.” He and Shiloh talk about the message, which has since been liked or shared at least 900,000 times.

  Dad: Son, 13, killed self after being bullied at school

The father of a Georgia boy who committed suicide says his son was the victim of cruel bullying at school. WLTZ’s Sara Belsole reports.

  NRA, a bully with guns; Mike Rice, a bully with basketballs

Former DNC Communications Director Karen Finney, The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, and Democratic strategist Jimmy Williams take apart the arguments of bullies: the NRA and its strongarm tactics against the press, and one Fox host who supports Rutgers’ Mike Rice and corporal punishment.

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