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Illinois Schools Revisit Consolidation

United Township, East Moline, Silvis, Carbon Cliff-Barstow, and Colona are looking to create one school district. Under the potential consolidation, five districts would split the bill, paying salaries for 400 teachers. And no school would be closed under the proposal. School consolidation in the UnFull story

Two Charleston County Schools awarded Federal grants to expand community learning centers

PRESS RELEASE Two Charleston County Schools awarded Federal grants to expand community learning centers Full story

More Fla. school money means tax increase for some

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and state legislators have traveled the state this year boasting about the extra money they steered toward schools and teachers. Full story

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Meeting On School District Merger In Illinois Quad Cities

Fraud widespread in New Jersey free lunch program: state official

Minn. revenues exceed projections by $463M

Mich. schools barred from collecting union dues

Brown signs school-funding changes into law

Judge goes to mat for yoga, rules it's irreligious

Texas students to seek federal help to soften 'cruel' truancy policies

School database loses backers as parents balk over privacy

Chicago police arrest two dozen at school closing protest

Union sues Chicago, claims racism behind school closure plans


  Students make a Chesapeake connection

The class pets in one public school district in Maryland are anything but ordinary. Some students are helping are helping diamonback terrapins get a head start on life--and helping the Chesapeake Bay in the process.   NBC's Wynne Anderson reports. 

  Cash-strapped school district shuts down for summer

The small Buena Vista School District in Michigan has closed its doors early after laying off all but three teachers due to a lack of funding. WEYI’s Brittany Shannon reports.

  Education's new learning curve: Technology

School districts, teachers and students are adjusting to a different type of learning curve with the addition of new technology into the classroom. KVOA's Samantha Ptashkin reports.

  Boy, 4, left at museum after school field trip

A 4 year-old student was accidentally left behind at a museum during a field trip. The school district didn't realize the boy was missing until they got to Marshall, Minnesota, which is more than an hour away. KARE’s Blake McCoy reports.

  School apologizes for 'Nazi' assignment

The Albany school district is apologizing for a writing assignment that asked students to write an essay arguing that “Jews are evil." WNYT's Dan Bazille reports.

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Students at Brenda Scott School in Detroit.
Students at Brenda Scott School in Detroit.

In this April 21, 2013 photo, Kimari Barden, left, 7, and Nakeya Beberly, 7, work on their addition problems projected on a dry erase board in the classroom of teacher Pamara English at Brenda Scott School in Detroit. Union officials say teachers at a struggling school district are not being paid, e

Chicago school protest
Chicago school protest

Parents protest outside the home of Chicago's Board of Education President David Vitale’s house Thursday, March 21, 2013, in Chicago. Teachers say the city of Chicago has begun informing teachers, principals and local officials about which public schools it intends to close under a contentious plan

Leslie Sabbs-Kizer, Nkai Melton, Akaira Melton, Khaymya Smith
Leslie Sabbs-Kizer, Nkai Melton, Akaira Melton, Khaymya Smith

Leslie Sabbs-Kizer, right, walks her children Nkai Melton, 8, Akaira Melton, 7, and Khaymya Smith, 3 to Bond Elementary school in Chicago, for the first day of classes Wednesday morning, Sept. 19, 2012, after Chicago teachers voted to suspend their first strike in 25 years. Union delegates voted ov