Video: CARE: 'We concentrate on leadership'

Explainer: Box Girls get tough in Nairobi

  • On Thursday, NBC's Nightly News features a program in Kenya, where girls and young women are taught strength and confidence skills. Producer Marisa Buchanan and correspondent Maria Menounos spent some time with the girls—check out their photo gallery here.

  • Life messaging

    Maria listens in on one of the "life messaging" sessions on the basketball court. The girls are taught by other girls how to face the extreme challenges they are faced with every day in the slums. Marisa Buchanan/NBC News

  • Life lessons

    Mamu and Florence, both young single moms tell Maria about the lessons they've learned and what they teach other girls. Marisa Buchanan/NBC News

  • The team

    The girls gather outside one of the spin off organizations - Safe Dishes. All the proceeds go to support the Safe Spaces program. Marisa Buchanan/NBC News

  • A few good moves

    Judy, the younger sister of a girl in the program, wanted to show Maria a few moves. Learning strength and confidence even at this young an age can help protect so many of the girls from the dangers of living in slums. Marisa Buchanan/NBC News

  • Smiles all around

    One of the best things a program like Safe Spaces does is give these girls strength on the inside to be strong and confident - even though life continues to be difficult here. Marisa Buchanan/NBC News

  • Who's watching?

    One of the most fascinatin​g things about this program was who was watching on the sidelines. Boys looked through the window the whole time—getting a lesson too about the power of girls. Marisa Buchanan/N​BC News

  • Meeting the Box Girls founder

    Priest started Box Girls in Nairobi. It was a great to see such a committed man share his story on why he started the program to help women and girls in Kenya. Marisa Buchanan/NBC News

  • Box Girls member

    Marisa Buchanan/NBC News

  • Young girls in Nairobi

    Marisa Buchanan/NBC News

  • What's your story?

    All the girls come to Box Girls at different ages and with different stories. Andrew Scritchfield/NBC News

  • Sports for Social Change

    Auma Obama, half sister of President Obama is the director of Sports for Social Change-a CARE progam that supports many of these local Kenyan groups that invest in girls through sports and other programs. Andrew Scritchfield/NBC News


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