Countdown’s Top Five

  1. The teenager who found himself .
  2. A star basketball player, paralyzed after celebrating fans knocked him to the ground after a winning game.
  3. A-Rod is now an official Yankee .
  4. It was meant to be a "good news" story, a school reopening in Iraq.  Instead, a roadside bomb exploded .
  5. Kerry wins Wisconsin

Today’s Top Three Newsmakers

  1. Dr. Love -- actually Wei Siang Yu, Singapore television personality who says he is starting a new reality-TV show there.  The couple that manages to conceive a child first, wins.  The title: " Dr Love Super Baby-Making Show."
  2. Kim Riley, the farmer in Wellington, New Zealand, survived torrential rains and resultant flooding by riding one of her cows to safety.
  3. Deputy mayor for legal affairs of New York City goes dark.

Let's Play Oddball!

  • Former pro grappler Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, allegedly left a small amount of cocaine at his new job as a subway fare collector in Boston, causing a bioterror scare.
  • A suspicious powder found near a phone booth in Brussels, Belgium caused similar concern but turned out to be confectioners’ sugar.
  • Speaking of hazardous, along the Mana-watu River in New Zealand, residents are experiencing the worst flooding that country has ever seen.
  • As we've told you previously, the guy in New York with the phone number identical to that in the title of a one-hit wonder song from the '80s was auctioning it off on E-Bay.  Now Verizon is telling bidders to hang it up.  867-5309 belongs to Verizon and cannot be sold.

Keeping Tabs

  • Mister and Mrs. Aaron Spelling would like to announce the wedding of their daughter, Tori -of Beverly Hills 90210 fame- to actor Charlie Shanian.  The ceremony is July fourth, and the couple's registries at Tiffany  and Williams Sonoma are available online.
  • You can't spell "Courtney" without " Court."
  • From the "where are they now" category, fans of bad eighties movies will remember William Zabka.  He played the rich blonde jerk in "The Karate Kid."  This year Zabka has been nominated for an Acadamy Award for the live action short - " The Bridge", which he wrote and produced.
  • Rest in peace, Jan Miner


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