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Experts: Seas heading for mass extinctions

Mass extinctions of species in the world's oceans is inevitable if current trends continue, a panel of renowned marine scientists warned Tuesday.Full story

Panel: Problems with oceans multiplying, worsening

The health of the world's oceans is declining much faster than originally thought — under siege from pollution, overfishing and other man-made problems all at once — scientists say in a new report. Full story

Cuba: Seas to rise more than 30 inches by 2100

Cuban scientists calculate that median sea levels around the Caribbean nation will rise more than 30 inches by the end of the century due to global climate change, official media said Friday. Full story

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Sea turtle's ashes to be part of 'eternal reef'

Israel to stop Gaza flotilla regardless of cargo

Fire on Norway express train; 250 people evacuated

Navy capt. asks bin Laden burial crew to be safe

China accuses Vietnam in escalating sea tensions

Magnetic bubbles churn at solar system's edge

Space mission to measure saltiness of our sea

Mysteries of oceans persist, as do explorers

Mysterious deaths of Alaska sea lions, seals prompt probe

Are We Underestimating Climate Change Impact?


  Navy ship that buried bin Laden returns

The U.S.S. Carl Vinson returned to San Diego Wednesday after a tour of duty that included the burial at sea of Osama bin Laden. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

  A taste of Alaska

From spot prawns and sea asparagus to a variety of game with berry birch syrup, chef Rob Kinneen prepares a traditional spread of rustic, exotic fare.

  Rebuilding community, on higher ground

Rice farmer Katsushi Haga talks about why he wants to move his community into the hills and away from the sea.

  Sea turtles released after rehab

More than two dozen sea turtles were released back into the ocean off the coast of North Carolina after being nursed back to health at a local turtle rehabilitation facility.'s Dara Brown reports.

  Blind sea lions explore new home

Two blind sea lions are exploring their new home at the San Francisco Zoo and are quickly becoming a popular attraction. NBC's Joe Rosato reports.

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Hurricane Beatriz aftermath
Hurricane Beatriz aftermath

epa02788535 Two cars are dragged into the sea from a beach at the Port of Acapulco, Guerrero state, Mexico, 21 June 2011. Mexican states of Colima and Jalisco are under 'red alert' due to the proximity of hurricane Breatriz, of category one in the Saffir-Simpson scale. EPA/STR

Rain at Baltic sea
Rain at Baltic sea

epa02785311 Dar rain coulds drift over the coastal line at German sea resort Binz on the island of Ruegen, northern Germany, 18 June 2011. The forecasts predict unstable weather for the coming days in Germany. EPA/STEFAN SAUER

Fishermen unload their catch of debris
Fishermen unload their catch of debris

Fishermen and workers unload their catch of tsunami-strewn debris that they pulled from the sea off the coast of Minamisanriku, Japan, Friday, June17, 2011. (Jim Seida /