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Video: Strauss-Khan granted bail, on house arrest

  1. Transcript of: Strauss-Khan granted bail, on house arrest

    BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor (Los Angeles): Another big case, a media frenzy in Lower Manhattan today as the now former head of the International Monetary Fund Dominique Strauss - Kahn -- the man known by his initials, DSK -- was brought into court to face sex crimes charges. Late today he got some good news, at least for his team, when the judge granted him bail. He can get out of jail, but under strict conditions. NBC 's Jeff Rossen with us from outside the courthouse in Lower Manhattan . Hey, Jeff , good evening.

    JEFF ROSSEN reporting: Hi , Brian , good evening to you. This is basically house arrest in many ways. His wife flew in from France and she's rented an apartment here in New York City , the defense told the judge, and they will live there together. Under the bail condition, though, it's just not that simple. They will have to have extreme surveillance. He'll have an ankle bracelet on that's electronic, monitoring his every move. There's actually going to be an armed guard posted outside the door, and video cameras watching every move he makes. Wearing a crisp blazer and shirt, Dominique Strauss-Kahn appeared in court today, asking for bail for a second time this week. His defense team told the judge despite his money and power, he's not a flight risk. In fact, they said, he wants to stay in New York to clear his name.

    Unidentified Man: This man has a right to be released from custody.

    ROSSEN: But prosecutors argued against bail, saying Strauss-Kahn has a propensity for criminal behavior and could flee to France .

    Mr. JOHN McCONNELL (Assistant District Attorney): He has the personal, the political and the financial means to flee and evade law enforcement.

    ROSSEN: During today's hearing, it was revealed that a grand jury had just indicted Strauss-Kahn on seven charges, including attempted rape and sexual abuse in the first degree.

    ROSSEN: Last weekend inside his expensive suite at this luxury Manhattan hotel, prosecutors say he sexually assaulted a hotel maid twice. He's been living in a small cell on Rikers Island ever since, placed on suicide watch. But today he got a break.

    Unidentified Judge: I've considered all of this, and I have decided that I will grant a bail.

    ROSSEN: There are strings attached. Strauss-Kahn must put up $1 million cash bail; a $5 million insurance bond; at his new apartment, electronic and video surveillance along with an armed guard at the door -- estimated cost, $200,000 per month. Strauss-Kahn will pay for all of it. Here to support him, Strauss-Kahn 's wife and daughter.

    Mr. WILLIAMS TAYLOR (Defense Attorney): It's a great relief to the family to be able to have him with them.

    ROSSEN: But before the family reunion, Strauss-Kahn will spend one more night in jail, released tomorrow to a Manhattan apartment, the location still undisclosed.

    Mr. JOHN Q. KELLY (Former Prosecutor): Granting a bail was the correct decision under these circumstances. There's a presumption of bail under our Constitution when the charges don't involve a death.

    ROSSEN: Earlier today Strauss-Kahn resigned as head of the International Monetary Fund , the IMF . In his resignation letter he strongly denied the accusations against him, saying in the letter, "I want to devote all of my strength, all of my time and all my energy," Brian , "to proving my innocence."

    WILLIAMS: Jeff Rossen with the big story in Lower Manhattan back in New York today. Jeff ,

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