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Mayan apocalypse failure bad news for believers

You might expect the world not ending to be a cause for celebration. But for believers in doomsdays like Friday's supposed Mayan apocalypse, the continued existence of the planet can be quite traumatic.Full story

Monsters and UFOs to Watch For in 2012

2011 was a year of weird news, and sitting on the cusp of 2012, it's time to look back on the odd year that was — as well as look ahead to a year that promises a new level of strangeness. Full story

'Doomsday' minister mum on 2012 forecast

The year 2011 has flown by without a hitch … or, at least, without Earth bursting into flames. Radio evangelist Harold Camping's famous pair of prophecies — his prediction that true Christians would be safely evacuated to heaven on May 21, and that a series of global cataclysms would then climax in Full story

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