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Video: Will May 21 really be the end of the world?

  1. Closed captioning of: Will May 21 really be the end of the world?

    >>> is today judgment day ? one tv evangelist believe it is and thousands are following in his prophesy. nbc's kerry sanders explains.

    >>> from northern california .

    >> may 21 will be the day of judgment .

    >> to central florida .

    >> you see the glory of god.

    >> and everywhere in between.

    >> going to be the end of the world .

    >> the word is today our world ends at suppertime, that calculation from 89-year-old harold campo.

    >> it will begin with a huge earthquake whose sense of prediction has gone underground.

    >> could you interview him next week, absolutely not? it will not happen. he won't be here after tomorrow.

    >> camping claims today is the rapture, when true believers are taken to heaven. why today? it's all in the math.

    >> if you go from 4990 bc and add 2011 minus one --

    >> camping said it's clear, the biblical story of noah's ark when the earth flooded exactly 7,000 years ago set the table for another apocalypse. today, some are taking the news rather well.

    >> cooking for my husband or cleaning up the house. done.

    >> but others spent the final hours warning that those who do not accept jesus now will be left behind.

    >> there's no one that believes this message along with me. absolutely. no one. no one.

    >> crazy.

    >> nobody ever says, you know what, we were wrong. this is a completely bad idea.

    >> let's say today is the day . what would you do? me? i think i'll pause and listen to some music. it's the end of the world as we know it

    >> for "today," kerry sanders , nbc news, clearwater, florida.


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