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Mo. disasters cost $36M; far less than expected

Confronted by a spate of natural disasters, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon cut funding for education and stockpiled tax revenues two years ago while committing $150 million to respond to the deadly Joplin tornado and widespread flooding.Full story

Who will be there when disaster strikes?

  Melissa Harris-Perry’s panelists recount stories from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, and the Joplin tornadoes, and what we can learn about rebuilding.

May 22: Nightly News Wednesday broadcast

  Credit union vault saved 22 from tornado; British soldier hacked to death in apparent act of terrorism; Tamerlan Tsarnaev involved in triple homicide; White House admits to killing four Americans with drones; Bipartisan flogging for former IRS commissioner; Outrage at Chicago school board decision t

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Oklahoma tornado brings back fear in recovering Joplin, Missouri


  Lessons learned from Joplin

Two years after a tornado destroyed much of Joplin, Mo., the town has come back even stronger with changes to their infrastructures that are helping people stay safe. Now, nearly 80 percent of new homes include a safe room, and a new hospital will open in 2015 with windows able to withstand 250 mph

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