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Video: Netanyahu calls borders 'the meat and potatoes of peace'

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    >>> capitol hill , israel 's prime minister was cheered over and over again during a speech to a joint session of congress today. benjamin netanyahu said israel is prepared to make painful compromises for peace with palestinians but will not, as president obama has called for, return to its borders before the '67 mideast war. nor he said will israel negotiate with terrorists by which he meant hamas.

    >> i believe we can fashion a brilliant future for our children, but israel will not negotiate with the palestinian government backed by the palestinian version of al qaeda . that we will not do. [ applause ]

    >> again, several standing ovations. late this afternoon, our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell sat down in washington with netanyahu.

    >> reporter: president obama has said to you that you cannot afford any more delay, that with all of the upheaval, the changes in the arab world that israel is at risk of being isolated, of being left behind. what do you say to the president?

    >> i think the president shares with me and i share with him the desire to move the peace process forward. i said in congress that there is one way to move this thing forward. president abbas has to do what i did two years ago. i spoke to my people and i said, i will accept a palestinian state . i think the president -- president abbas has to says these words to his people. i will accept the jewish state . you know what, i will give him a break. five words. i accept the jewish state . i think if he says that then that will move the process forward. people will say, okay, we have a real peace partner and for real peace , we're willing to move and move quickly.

    >> reporter: why is it upheaval? isn't israel at risk of being isolated, of the u.n. taking action to declare a palestinian state ?

    >> the world is changing. we want to make sure when we make peace we not only have somebody that will recognize us. we want to be sure we have a secure border to defend ourselves, not only to defend the peace but to defend ourselves if peace unravels. i think we are seeing what is happening in syria. we are seeing what is happening in other places in egypt. we don't know whether our peace partners will be there tomorrow. i mean really tomorrow, not an abstract notion. so when we say we want mutual recognition and defensible borders for israel , that's really the meat and potatoes of peace .

    >> there was a moment in the oval office on friday. you and the president of the united states and some of your own supporters friends of israel said that you were lecturing him, that it went too far.

    >> reporter: i wasn't lecturing anyone. i was speaking about the basic things that israel requires to have peace and security and survival and the lead of an old nation. a great nation. i have the greatest respect for america and for the office of the presidency.

    >> by the way, andrea mitchell 's full interview with netanyahu of israel will air tomorrow on her msnbc show "the mitchell report ."



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