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  The Golden Sisters’ antics win them reality show

Bra fitting leads to confusion for 'Golden Sisters'

  On the next episode of 'Golden Sisters,' the gals decide to get fitted for bras, since Oprah says "Bras are important in America."

‘Golden Sisters’: Way to a man’s heart? The bedroom!

  NBC’s Ben Aaron hangs out with the three “Golden Sisters,” who now have a show on Oprah’s network OWN after a video of the ladies giving commentary while watching Kim Kardashian’s notorious sex tape went viral. They tell Ben, “Kim got famous doing it, we got famous watching it,” and they share their

Oprah and Collins Family

  During the interview, Jason's twin brother, former NBA player Jarron Collins, their parents Portia and Paul Collins and their aunt, Teri Jackson, a San Francisco Superior Court judge, open up to Oprah about what it was like for Jason to come out to them.

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  Oprah and Jason Collins

During his interview with Oprah, Jason reflects on the worldwide reaction following his decision to reveal that he is a gay man, and how he hopes his coming out of the closet will further the conversation around human equality.

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