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'A mess': Judge defers Anthony probation ruling

A judge deciding whether Casey Anthony should serve probation for check fraud has ended a hearing without a ruling. Full story

Anthony judge: Case a legal 'maze'

   Judge Belvin Perry expresses dismay over a probation hearing for Casey Anthony that stems from a check fraud.

Judge delays release of Casey Anthony juror names

The identities of most of the jurors who served in the Casey Anthony murder trial will remain private until at least Oct. 25, according to a ruling made Tuesday by the judge in the case. Full story

Anthony trial spectator jailed for giving the finger

Casey Anthony wasn't the only one on trial in Judge Belvin Perry's courtroom. A 28-year-old spectator was found in contempt of court for giving the middle finger to a prosecutor. Full story

After evaluations, Casey Anthony ruled fit for trial

   Judge Belvin Perry’s recent halt of the Florida murder trial allowed for the young woman accused of murdering her daughter to undergo psychiatric evaluations to determine her competency. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports from Orlando.

Judge abruptly halts Casey Anthony trial, again

   Nearly an hour after the lawyers arrived in court, Judge Belvin Perry mysteriously adjourned court and sealed a transcript from an off-microphone conversation with both the defense and prosecution. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports from Orlando, Fla.

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Anthony prosecutor: Jailmate's child died in pool

Casey Anthony judge declares surprise recess

Casey Anthony trial halted after outburst in court


  Could bickering cause Casey Anthony mistrial?

Judge Belvin Perry halted proceedings in the high-profile murder trial after scolding lawyers for both the defense and prosecution for “gaming the system.” But could their courtroom disputes have further implications?  NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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Elizabeth Ann Rogers
Elizabeth Ann Rogers

Elizabeth Ann Rogers is taken from the courtroom after Judge Belvin Perry sentenced her to two days in jail for contempt of court for yelling in court during jury selection of the Casey Anthony trial at the Pinellas County Criminal Justice Center in Clearwater, Fla., Friday, May 20, 2011. (AP Phot