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    >> to unseat the president is finally heating up. kristen welker is live at the white house with more this morning. good morning.

    >> reporter: good morning, matt. they say memorial day marks the unofficial start of summer. it seems this year it marks the unofficial start of the gop race. right now, all eyes are on sarah palin who today begins day three of the bus tour. first stop, the battlefields of gettysburg, pennsylvania. on monday, palin was in washington, stopping at some of the nation's most iconic landmarks including the national archives and george washington 's home in mount vernon , sparking speculation she may enter the gop race.

    >> are you going to run?

    >> you know, we're still kind of contemplating that.

    >> reporter: palin hasn't launched a fund raising effort or suggested party leaders suggesting to some she may not run.

    >> running for president isn't like opening a lemonade stand on the corner. it's difficult, takes a lot of manpower. so far what we see from sarah palin doesn't look like she's doing that.

    >> reporter: in an interview monday palin balked at those who think they know.

    >> i don't think i owe anything to the main stream media . i think it would be a mistake for me to become a conventional politician.

    >> reporter: a more conventional politician and current front-runner mitt romney was out of sight monday. he's expected to announce on thursday. he and palin are virtually neck and neck, according to the latest gallup poll . meanwhile, tim pawlenty has announced he's in. he toured iowa monday touting the tea party platform.

    >> government has a role but a limited role. that role needs to be defined precisely and kept within the limited nature.

    >> reporter: another tea party favorite, minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann was also barn storming in new hampshire saying she'll announce next month.

    >> if i throw my hat in the ring i think i will do favorably against barack obama .

    >> reporter: on monday the president observed memorial day at arlington national cemetery . even gop insiders admit mr. obama will be a formidable opponent.

    >> he's a great candidate and a prolific fund-raiser. just because republican voters don't like the president doesn't mean we can take it for granted.

    >> reporter: this race will heat up in june. former pennsylvania senator rick san to rum announces on the 6th. then the candidates debate in new hampshire a week later. meredith?

    >> thank you very much. as

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