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The brother of a Florida woman charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter recounted to jurors Wednesday his unsuccessful efforts to track down his sister during the month when the toddler was missing, before the child's disappearance was first reported to authorities.

Lee Anthony testified on the seventh day of Casey Anthony's murder trial that he tried to track down his sister at a nightclub, by text messaging and by telephone calls in early July 2008 but was repeatedly unsuccessful.

Anthony is on trial for first-degree murder for the death of her toddler, Caylee. If convicted, she could be sentenced to death. She has pleaded not guilty and her defense attorney says Caylee died in an accidental drowning in the family's swimming pool.

Caylee was last seen by her grandparents in mid-June 2008. Casey Anthony waited a month before telling her family the toddler was missing. Her mother then called authorities. Anthony has said she was conducting her own efforts to find her missing daughter, but prosecutors contend Anthony was going to nightclubs, shopping and hanging out with friends during that month.

Anthony wiped tears from her eyes as her brother testified that on the night of July 15, 2008 he had questioned his sister about why Caylee hadn't been seen by her family in weeks and wasn't home in the house she shared with her mother and grandparents. Anthony told her brother that Caylee was with a baby sitter and that she didn't want to interrupt her sleep schedule by getting her, Lee Anthony said.

"Nothing was making sense to me," Lee Anthony said. "Why couldn't anybody get Caylee and bring her home?"

After a few minutes more of questioning, Anthony told her brother that she hadn't seen her daughter in 31 days and that the baby sitter had kidnapped her, Lee Anthony said. He said Casey also claimed she had received a phone call from Caylee that very day.

Earlier in the morning, Anthony's former best friend was cross-examined by Anthony's defense attorney about their friendship. Huizenga on Tuesday testified about text messages she exchanged with Casey in late June 2008 in which Casey spoke of needing to get rid of a "bad smell" in her car.

Brother Lee Anthony was the latest family member to testify in Anthony's trial. Her mother, Cindy Anthony, broke down in tears on the witness stand Tuesday when prosecutors played a 911 call in which Cindy Anthony reported her granddaughter missing.

Story: Casey Anthony's mom breaks down on stand

Cindy Anthony testified about a car that Casey Anthony had been driving. The car was abandoned and then towed to a lot where her father, George Anthony, picked it up in mid-July 2008. In the 911 call, Cindy Anthony described the odor in the car as that of a dead body.

Lee Anthony also described the car's odor as potent.

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Video: Casey Anthony’s mom testifies for prosecution

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    >>> a major piece of evidence in the casey anthony murder trial was released minutes ago. casey anthony is the mom accused of killing her two-year-old daughter in 2008 . casey 's mother is on the stand today, and prosecutors just played her call to 911. kerry sanders is live in orlando, florida. kerry, bring us up to speed what's going on in court today.

    >> reporter: i'm not sure there will be a more dramatic moment in this courtroom for the next seven weeks in this trial than just now. cindy anthony is on the stand, and prosecutors played one of her three 911 calls. this is the last 911 call made to the sheriff's department when she had discovered that her granddaughter, caylee, has been missing now for 31 days. listen to this 911 call as the jury did.

    >> i told you my daughter has been missing for a month, and i just found her today, but i can't find my granddaughter. she just admitted to me she's been trying to find her herself. there's something wrong. i found my daughter's car today and it smells like there's been a dead body in the car.

    >> reporter: the call continued almost two minutes. tas was playing, cindy anthony sitting in the witness box began to sob, cry, then her head fell and she disappeared almost below the table there at the witness box . a chilling moment as the jury is listening to what in legal terms is called an excited utterance, taking you to the exact moment of what is developing and you could hear it in her voice, across the courtroom. caylee's mother, casey , also was crying, and cindy anthony had testified about this on-going where is caylee, what is going on. cindy said she overheard casey talking to her brother, lee, about where caylee was. here is cindy on the stand.

    >> casey was crying, i overheard her tell lee that caylee has been gone for 31 days. that the nanny had taken her.

    >> reporter: so that testimony is continuing. following the 911 call, the judge decided to take a brief break, but cindy is now returning to the stand for the prosecution to continue laying this out. it's interesting to note through all of this, cindy has been so defensive of her daughter, casey , but now as she details each truth of what happened, it is burying casey 's story that she was not involved in this alleged murder.


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