Video: Pharmacist found guilty of shooting thief

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    >>> in oklahoma is facing life in prison following a deadly shooting. mark potter has more from oklahoma city . mark, good morning.

    >> good morning, natalie. behind me is the pharmacy where the shooting took place. the question is was it self-defense or self-defense that went too far? the official verdict is in but it's controversial.

    >> the defendant is guilty of the crime of murder in the first-degree.

    >> reporter: from the verdict it was clear the jury didn't buy jerome's claim he acted solely in self-defense and recommended a harsh set.

    >> punishment is imprisonment for life.

    >> reporter: the pharmacist was found guilty of murdering 16-year-old antoine parker during a botcheded robbery in 2009 . the incident caught on security cameras . authorities say the video shows 16-year-old parker and a 14-year-old accomplice entering the drugstore wearing masks. the 14 yeerl points a gun at two female employees who run to the back of the store. prosecutors say the pharmacist then fires his own weapon, shooting parker in the head. the other teen with the gun flees the store and the pharmacist chases him outside. when he returns, he walks over parker who was unconscious on the floor, goes to the back of the pharmacy to get a second gun then returns to fire five more shots into parker 's body out of camera view. the prosecution called it an execution. but at trial the pharmacist's lawyer claimed parker was moving on the floor and was still a threat.

    >> defendant, please rise.

    >> reporter: when the guilty verdict was read, it brought hugs and cheers from parker 's family. the defendant's reporters were angry. websites expressed outrage at the verdict. outside the drugstore, supporters are signing petitions, condemning the verdict. supporters say they will ask parole officers and the governor to pardonen him or commute the sentence which will be reviewed by a judge.