Countdown’s Top Five

  1. The headlines over " The Passion ," Mel Gibson, and possibly the best free publicity campaign Hollywood has ever seen.
  2. The White House keeping information about the president`s daily brief a secret from The 9/11 Commission, so the commissioners turned instead to the notes of reporter Bob Woodward.
  3. Speaking of accountability, Richard Perle, an adviser to the Pentagon who had been one of the chief ideological cheerleaders for the war, now says that, " Heads should roll in the intelligence communities.
  4. Richard Perle libel watch
  5. Ike and the E.T.s
  6. Martha Stewart's longtime friend testifying Stewart did know Sam Waksal was dumping his ImClone stock before she sold hers.  ( Ongoing coverage)   
  7. Same topic, different details.  The Enron gang is back in the news .
  8. The growing rape scandal at the University of Colorado.

Today’s Top Three Newsmakers

  1. Tebellelo Sereste, Minister of Works and Transport in the nation of Botswana has asked people to kill themselves by jumping from trees instead of in front of trains.
  2. An unidentified man in Moscow who got a sensitive part of his body caught in a padlock.
  3. A-Rod. No, not that A-Rod.

Let's Play Oddball!

  1. 27.1 million hours wasted where the 101 meets the 405
  2. One way to clear up traffic jams, blow up the river crossings.
  3. Wanna buy a fighter jet?
  4. Cattiness explained.

Keeping Tabs

  1. Michael Jackson sued .
  2. A lesson tonight from the actor Ethan Hawke on the penalties for having apparently cheated on your wife.
  3. Uma is handling it much better.


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