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A computer glitch at a Scottish supermarket chain dropped the price of three 12-packs of beer to about $18, causing a stampede of customers and providing evidence that, occasionally, computer errors aren't always for the worst.

The Wednesday night (June 1) promotion at the grocery chain Tesco was supposed to read, "Buy three boxes of beer and save £11," the online technology magazine IEEE Spectrum reported.

(A box of beer is a 12-pack, and £11 is just short of $18.)

A computer glitch, however, resulted in Tesco advertising all three 12-packs for £11, and, after reading of the incredible discount via Twitter, a thirsty and thrifty public came out in droves.

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According to an STV report, there were "reports of problems" at three Tesco stores, and police had to maintain order in another due to congestion in the parking lot.

Tesco fixed the computer error within a few hours, but not before a number of shoppers bought carts piled high with beer at the discount price. Imagine what would have happened if the price was dropped even lower?

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