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  Michelle Mockbee “loved to see people smile”
Michelle Mockbee’s siblings reminisce about the joy their sister brought to each of their lives. Michelle Mockbee “loved to see people smile”

  Digital security
'Apps act' would make privacy disclosure a must
With more than 1.5 million apps now available for Android phones and Apple's iPhone, a congressman is proposing a law that would require mobile app developers to let users know what an app's privacy policies are when it comes to information being shared and the length of time the information is kept by a developer.

Video: Crime & courts  
2 men who spent 39 years in prison for crime they didn’t commit go free
After nearly four decades in prison, Ricky Jackson and his co-defendant Wiley Bridgeman prepare for their first full day of freedom on Saturday. The two were released when a key witness stepped forward to say that he had been coerced by police to “describe a crime I never saw.” NBC’s Cynthia McFadden reports.

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