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Video: Syrian crackdown now includes children

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    >>> chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in tripoli. the targeting ? of children has been, you know, appalling and brought more world attention to this outrageous situation in syria . what is the latest that you're hearing from your listening post ?

    >> reporter: well, it is almost hard to know where to start. if we start in syria , there has been more violence today. really destabilizing violence. and emotional scenes partly because so many children have been killed. you mentioned that 11-year-old girl. today there is a funeral for a 13-year-old boy. and he was buried and there were large crowds there to support his family. but also to express anger. the body of this boy has been circulated around the internet. it apparently shows severe torture at the hands of syrian government officials . the boy was shot through both arms, shot through both legs, had his genitals cut off and just a horrific image circulating online. and it has become a rallying cry for people and today he was finally buried. so the protests are no means over in syria . and every time there is another child in -- who is killed or when the body is circulated online, it just adds more fuel to the fire , andrea.

    >> and just heart breaking, horrific as you point out. we had word from the white house today that john brennan , the counterterrorism official from the white house , the nsc, is traveling in the region. he's going to sudan, saudi arabia , to the uae and we had word from hillary clinton , secretary of state today, about the continued unrest in yemen . let me play that and ask you about it on the other side.

    >> we cannot expect this conflict to end unless president saleh and his government move out of the way to permit the opposition and civil society to begin a transition to political and economic ? reform.

    >> of course, the united states has been saying a lot of things about yemen . but there has been no impact on president saleh . what is the latest from yemen ?

    >> well, the situation in yemen has completely deteriorated. the united states , as you know, was involved in trying to negotiate a deal for president saleh to leave power. saudi arabia was also involved. that deal has completely broken down and now there is heavy fighting on the streets of sana and has been going on for the last 24 hours or so between government forces and i should say those are still the government forces that are loyal and military units that remain loyal because there have been major divisions within the yemeni forces, but the ones that are still loyal are now fighting against a group of tribes that are well armed, that are motivated, and have decided to try and drive out saleh by force. and those tribesmen who are led particularly by akmar, one of the tribal leaders in that country, are well armed and numerous. they're one of the most powerful organizations in the society. we have the protesters calling on the government to step down. we have the united states and that click you just played saying that the government needs to move aside. and now this powerful faction of tribal leaders taking up arms to try and push the president of yemen out of power.

    >> and richard, while you've been on the air with us, reuters is reporting a large explosion outside of a hotel in benghazi. i want to give you a chance to go off and do some reporting and we don't know any details about this at all except that it is located in benghazi and it is a large hotel and an explosion. so i know we'll see more from you throughout the day on "nbc nightly news."

    >> we'll be looking into that, thank you.

    >> thank you, richard.


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