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No sewing machines were involved in the making of this bikini. All it took was a high-powered laser and an advanced 3-D printing process.
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updated 6/8/2011 12:46:50 PM ET 2011-06-08T16:46:50

Bikinis created using 3-D printers and lasers may sound like they belong in a steamy sci-fi story, but you could own such a garment right now — if you happen to have $440 to $650 to spare.

That's because it turns out that two clever designers — Jenna Fizel and Mary Huang of Continuum Fashion — are selling something they call the N12 already.

The N12 is a ready-to-wear, completely 3-D-printed article of clothing. This means that all of its components — the panels, straps, closures, everything — were put together without a single bit of sewing.

The intricate bikini design got its name because of the material its constructed from: Nylon 12. This solid fabric-like material is spit out by a 3-D printer which uses the Selective Laser Sintering process. This involves a computer-guided and very high-powered laser which fuses small material particles together to create the final garment.

Since the nylon material is thin — it's about 7 milimeters thick — and waterproof, it results in a comfortable and functional swimsuit. So, no, the N12 isn't simply easy on the eyes. You can actually take this baby out for a swim.

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