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West Nile Virus: Large Outbreaks Follow Warm Winters

Unusually warm winters are one reason for larger-than-average outbreaks of West Nile virus in the following summers, a new study finds. Full story

West Nile cases continue to climb

   West Nile cases in the U.S. continue to climb, jumping 25 percent in a week, with 1,993 cases nationwide and 87 deaths in the country’s worst outbreak for this time of year since the virus was detected here in 1999. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

Sept. 5: Nightly News Wednesday broadcast

   Clinton: Obama ‘should be reelected’; Obama acceptance speech moved indoors; DNC’s big opening night; Obama needs Clinton’s support; Leslie becomes sixth hurricane of season; West Nile cases continue to climb; Researchers: ‘Junk’ DNA plays critical role; Kidnappers attach device to woman in robbery

Toddler survives west nile virus

   Parents are surprised to learn their toddler was suffering from the West Nile Virus. KXAS reporter Ray Villeda has the story.

Nightly News with Lester Holt, Sept. 2, 2012

   Barbs exchanged as campaigns heat up; Obama must drive up support; Evacuations possible even as storm cleanup underway; West Nile cases skyrocket; Explosions rattle Syrian capital; Sun Myung Moon, founder of Unification Church, dies at 92; After summer of violence in Chicago, hope for cool and calm;

Woman calls 911 over mosquito bite

   As fear of the West Nile virus spreads, one Texas woman dialed 911 after a mosquito bit her one-year-old nephew. KXAS's Scott Gordon reports.

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  What’s driving this year’s West Nile epidemic?

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts talks to Dr. Frank Esper of University Hospital’s Case Medical Center in Cleveland about the West Nile outbreak reported in 38 states.

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Culex pipiens, Aedes vexans
Culex pipiens, Aedes vexans

This undated photo provided by the Northwest Mosquito Abatement District shows a Culex pipiens, left, the primary mosquito that can transmit West Nile virus to humans, birds and other animals. It is produced from stagnant water. The bite of this mosquito is very gentle and usually unnoticed by peop