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NBC News' Kerry Sanders has been covering the Casey Anthony trial for the last several weeks. Explosive material has come out from both the prosecution and defense in the case of the young Florida mother accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter.

He responded to reader questions about the latest twists and turns in the murder trial from earlier today. Click below to reply the engaging chat.

More on the trial: Casey Anthony jury sees graphic photos of tot's skull

Live chat with NBC's Kerry Sanders about Casey Anthony trial

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Video: ‘Brutally emotional’ day in Casey Anthony trial

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    >> gets back under way today after it was cut short on thursday. the mom accused of murdering d ining caylee had to leave when images of her daughter became too much to bear. kerry, good morning to you.

    >> reporter: it was a brutally emotional day in the courtroom as the prosecutors showed photos taken in the woods where caylee's remains were found. i even gasped at one of the photos. as for casey , she didn't look at the pictures, but she got so ill she had to leave court early. for those in the court it was hard to look at and even harder to look away as prosecutors showed picture after picture after picture of caylee's remains dumped in the woods a five-minute walk from home.

    >> duct tape .

    >> reporter: for two hours, two minutes a crime scene technician and a deputy medical examiner methodically detailed what they found that day in 2008 .

    >> there was another bag which contained the skull along with scalp hair and tape.

    >> reporter: casey anthony 's lawyers turned the monitor away just as prosecutors showed the most graphic photos. she never once looked at the pictures, including the detailed close-up that showed caylee's skull with duct tape that covered her chin to nose and stretched across her jawbone which they called the mandible.

    >> the mandible is not attached anymore to the rest of the skull.

    >> reporter: after prosecutors showed 65 photos, casey told lawyers she could take no more.

    >> okay, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we are going to recess for the day. there are some events that have occurred that causes us to stop at this time.

    >> reporter: after the jurors left the courtroom, casey stood up and braced herself on the table. her defense attorney reached out to comfort her as she stood with her head down, catching her breath for the next 12 seconds. weak and pale. then bailiffs approached. casey paused and then gestured she wanted to leave. weak on her feet, she was escorted from the courtroom. corrections officials say they took her to the jail infirmary for treatment.

    >> ms. anthony is ill. we are recessing for the day.

    >> reporter: while it was difficult for casey anthony , legal experts say it's also likely hard for the jurors to stomach.

    >> what a jury sees with their own eyes will be more powerful than what someone tells them and what the jury saw with duct tape over the nose and mouth of 2-year-old casey anthony will be hard to explain for the defense.

    >> reporter: earlier in the trial, casey 's brother lee was back on the stand.

    >> she was held like on her wrists.

    >> reporter: detailing a variation of the story she told investigators, how she said a nanny named zanny along with zanny's sister pinned casey on a park bench and ripped caylee from her arms.

    >> in zanny's opinion, casey wasn't being a good mother.

    >> reporter: the defense admits all of the stories about a nanny named zanny for a lie. meantime, as the graphic photos were being displayed, casey 's parents george and cindy anthony excused themselves from the courtroom and left, unable to see the


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