Explainer: 10 ridiculously over-the-top gifts for Dad

  • What do you get for the man that has everything? Usually I get him a gift certificate to the local golf store. Seriously, my father is the hardest person on Earth to buy for. However, if cost was immaterial, I think I'd buy him a Mobile Beer Bar, the VirtualGT racing simulator or an OfficePod for peace and quiet.

    OK, maybe I'm just hoping someone would get those things for me. Seriously, I would lock myself into the pod to cook meat and drink beer — while virtually racing.

  • Mobile beer bar

    Image: Alpina's mobile beer bar includes a grilling surface and a kegerator.
    Alpina  /  Nerd Approved
    Alpina's mobile beer bar includes a grilling surface and a kegerator.

    Alpina’s latest creation, the Mobile Beer Bar, is nothing short of a miracle. If Indiana Jones wore a grilling apron instead of a leather jacket, and used a spatula instead of a whip, this is what he would have pulled out of that snake pit in "Raiders." It includes a grilling surface and a kegerator on one swanky looking mobile sled. $11,000 Alpina via That's Nerdalicious

  • Collapsible bike

    Wallpaper  /  Nerd Approved
    If your father enjoys cycling he will undoubtedly enjoy one of these "International" bikes from Japanese bike-builder Kinfolk and the Portland-based paint company Coat. The entire bike can be broken down and transported in a stylish bag that even puts my mother's travel bag to shame. Seriously, I could have asked her for a candelabra on a road trip and I'm confident she could have procured it. Nivaldo de Lima’s bike bag alone will set you back $3,900; then you can choose between two bikes, one with a dark blue 54cm frame which will cost around $3,800, or one with a light blue 58cm frame for around $4,700. The price is justified because every aspect of the bikes are supposed to be top notch, and are offered as a limited edition run of one each. Wallpaper via CubicleBot

  • Star Trek replica Captain's Chair

    Entertainment Earth  /  Nerd Approved

    My father has an Archie Bunker kind of mentality towards his chair. It's his throne, and we wouldn't dare sit in it when he's around. He may even have telepathic bond with it since he's commanded us to move without actually being in the room on more than one occasion. That having been said, this Star Trek chair would be a worthy seat of command as it's a hand-crafted, screen accurate replica from the original series complete with light-up LED buttons. Of course, his captain's log might be a little on the dull side with entries like "watched golf and fell asleep." $5,499.99 Entertainment Earth via Nerd Approved

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  • OfficePod

    OfficePod  /  Nerd Approved
    As someone who works from home, I can attest to the fact that it is essential to try and separate your work space and your home space. The ideal solution would be to build an office that is detached from the main house. One way to achieve this quickly and easily is through the UK-based OfficePod. They come to your home, install one of their high-quality, modular Pod structures, and your home office is up and running in just a few hours. If you ever decide to move, OfficePod will transport the structure for you. It's a great place to work, but it's also a great way for Dad to, as he says, "get away from you people." OfficePod

  • HD3 Slyde watch

    Have you ever seen one of those bands that converts an iPod nano into a watch? Well, the HD3 Slyde makes that look like something you got for your dad out of a gumball machine in in a Walmart lobby. The Slyde is a high-end Swiss watch with a touchscreen UI and a curved design that’s actually going to be comfortable on the wrist. They will also release several custom digital watch dials each year that you can swap in and out for around $50-$100 apiece (perhaps even more for special editions). Pricing for the HD3 Slyde will start at around $5,000. Slyde and A Blog to Read via Fashionably Geek

  • Carbon fiber guitar

    Blackbird Guitars  /  Nerd Approved
    These days you can find just about anything made with carbon fiber - from cars to toilets. So it's not surprising to find out that guitar makers are making good use of the material as well. Blackbird Guitars is one of these companies, and they claim that their carbon fiber guitars are among the lightest and richest-sounding in the world. Their Blackbird Rider travel model, for example, weights less than three pounds and supposedly packs a huge sound into a tiny body by extending the shoulder all the way to the 10th fret. They've also carved an asymmetrical hole in the body that acts like an amplifier. It also looks like something Darth Vader would play the "Imperial March" on. Prices start at $1,600. Blackbird Guitars

  • BeoVision 4 85-Inch 3D TV

    Bang & OIufsen  /  Nerd Approved
    Some say that 3-D is the future of television, and you had better hope they are correct because your dad would look pretty ridiculous if he's stuck with an $85,000, 85-inch plasma Bang & Olufsen 3-D TV and nothing to watch. It's kind of like if you went to a friend's house for a movie and he whipped out "Top Gun" on Laserdisc. Additional features include a motorized viewing stand and a BeoLab 10 center channel speaker. A 103-inch version is also expected to arrive sometime later this summer. Bang & Olufsen

  • Steampunk Laptop

    Datamancer  /  Nerd Approved
    Richard "Datamancer" Nagy has become well known for his intricate, custom steampunk devices, and now he has begun taking pre-orders for these masterpieces, complete with features like Victorian designs and engravings, a key-shaped USB drive, real wood and brass styling, and fancy clockwork. Each laptop will carry a Windows OS, with the first round expected to sell for $5,500. However, he says that future laptops could go for as much as $7,500. You'll be computing like it's 1899 — but don't expect your processor to be steam-powered. Datamancer via CubicleBot

  • VirualGT racing simulator

    Virtual GT  /  Nerd Approved
    Chances are the dad who has everything also has a pretty sweet ride. Unfortunately, it's not like he can go out and do donuts in the cul-de-sac. The good news is that for $20,000 you can purchase a professional quality racing simulator where there are no speed limits and no chance that his poor eyesight will result in the untimely death of pedestrians and the destruction of sidewalk fruit stands. Features include a 500-watt speaker system, 4-corner independent suspension, an adjustable chassis, force feedback and cutting edge racing software. VirtualGT

  • WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery

    As long as your getting your old man a Mobile Beer Bar, you might as well get him something he can use to keep the supply of beer flowing. The WilliamsWarn personal brewery claims to help users brew "world class" beer that's ready to drink in seven days. And the best part is that it requires only a fraction of the effort put forth by a traditional homebrewer. That's definitely a good thing, since he's not getting any younger and the last thing you want him doing is lifting heavy pots around. Oops! He's fallen and he can't get up. Did he break a hip or is he just drunk again? $4,473 WilliamsWarn via That's Nerdalicious

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