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updated 6/16/2011 4:35:13 PM ET 2011-06-16T20:35:13

Need to send a quick message to the girl sitting across the bar? Want to drop a blatant hint to the guy at the party? Based on one company's product, actual conversation is not the way to accomplish either of those things.

Instead you should purchase a — quite literally — flashy bottle of $40 vodka and let its LED display do the talking.

The peculiar approach comes from the makers of MEDEA brand vodka and it consists of little more than an alcohol bottle with a simple LED display attached. The display has four buttons that allow you to program up to six messages consisting of up to 255 characters each.

Those characters — which amount to slightly more than a Twitter message — are supposed to be sufficient for you to "unleash your inner poet, your inner philosopher, your inner flirt."

We're not entirely sure if that can be accomplished and would probably suggest that you take the old-fashioned route and go chat up the object of your affection. Perhaps you can talk about how odd it is that there are vodka bottles with LED displays to break the ice.


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