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A recent survey from Samsung revealed that tablets are the device du jour. Most people want one or own one, and a majority would rather play games on a tablet than a computer.

The national survey, conducted by Kelton Research, was part of Samsung Mobile's market research for the release of the company's new Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet. The most stunning statistic is how completely tablets have captured public interest. The survey revealed that 90 percent of consumers either own a tablet or are considering buying one.

The survey also looked into the main reasons people want a tablet. Nearly three-quarters of respondents want to read e-books on their tablets. Other forms of media were prominent, too, with 64 percent using the tablet for streaming movies and TV shows and 61 percent use it to listen to music.

Another surprise is how many people would rather use a tablet than a home computer for gaming. Over half of respondents (53 percent) said they prefer tablet gaming. Much less surprising is the 56 percent of respondents who say the tablet is useful for updating social networks.

Despite the size of the device and the relatively low-quality cameras included in tablets, a significant portion (44 percent) also said that they like to take pictures and video using tablets, too. A forward-facing camera is an important feature for manufacturers to include because 41 percent of people like the video chat features in recent tablets.

So far, the competition has had a difficult time keeping up with the iPad 2, but this survey reveals why other manufacturers are still desperately trying to make an iPad-killer. The interest in tablets is exceptionally high, and it doesn't show any sign of slowing.

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