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    >>> we haven't really covered this story much on this broadcast, but a bunch of other folks have and as you may know, there's this trial going on in orlando, the murder trial of casey anthony, a young mother accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter. she says she's not guilty, this was day two of her defense, but for almost a month now, this trial has generated a bizarre and obsessive following, our report tonight on that from nbc's kerry sanders .

    >> reporter: early this morning, outside the orlando county courthouse , a fight for position in line to get tickets. on some days here, it looks like the frenzy at a bargain basement sale. those who wait but don't get in watch it faithfully on television.

    >> i've been watching. i tape every episode.

    >> reporter: but these are not episodes of some soap opera , this attraction is a criminal trial , a mother charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter. laura rice is from savannah.

    >> and our family's at business any world, but this was more exciting for me.

    >> reporter: a look at twitter shows where people are tuning in. at work in philadelphia, enid, oklahoma, the united kingdom . one viewer watched at 35,000 feet on air canada . in palm desert , california before the sun is even up, cindy syracuse is tuned in.

    >> i'm a junky for this trial.

    >> reporter: in ekwerth, georgia.

    >> this is the o.j. trial for us, our generation.

    >> reporter: the courtroom cameras here do not show the jurors. that's why they come, to see who will decide this case. the journey to this courtroom can be long and for many exhausting, and the one thing they don't tolerate in the courtroom sleeping.

    >> they tap them on the shoulder and say you got to go.

    >> reporter: because?

    >> because they're sleeping?

    >> reporter: because?

    >> because they've been there since 12:00 in the morning.

    >> for millions, it's captivating reality

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