Video: Mexican drug cartels turn to teen girl assassins

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    >>> a group of arrests after a deadly shootout in mexico is revealing a really amazingly scary trend. young women even teens fighting with the drug cartels . six girls busted last week for allegedly firing on police. all of them under the age of 21. one 16-year-old suspect told reports she was trained as a hit woman . former assistant secretary of homeland security , a pleasure to have you. they're getting younger and younger. why are they doing 4?

    >> they're looking for a way to get away with their actions without causing detection. it's not unusual for criminal organizations to try to use individuals they think police wouldn't look at. i've had cases that involved babies swadled in cocaine. elderly women who were suicide bombers and now you have this. teenage girls who are hit men.

    >> i think it's important to point out farce the mexican justice system if you're under 18 it's very difficult for you to go and do any realtime.

    >> fast exactly right. the cartels know that. they know that many of these young girls don't have a lot omoney and they're looking for opportunities. they're saying we can pay you so much more.

    >> this 16-year-old told officials that she was getting $1,000 every other week. we're talking about $2,000 a month. that's real money there or anywhere else.

    >> that's right. twice as much as they pay the military, by the way.

    >> that's a good point. i was reading yesterday many the newspaper there, that some officials are saying as many as 23,000 minors have been recruited or kidnapped into working for the drug cartels in the just three years. that's an army.

    >> it's a huge army. these are young people who may be committed to the cartels for life. but only a short life if they join the cartels. the average life expectancy for teenage boys that go into the cartels is like four or five years. this is a really dangerous thing. we need to work to stop the cartels and to discourage kids from getting involved.

    >> here's a question that i have. it's how can you get, you know, a kid who's 16 or 17 or 18 to actually get into the mind set of cutting throats and heads off and dismembering bodies and torturing human beings . that's not something like you put a bullet from a distance, it's terrible, but there's no pay back. but actually to torture people, these are the people that they're using to torture and dismember people. how's that happening?

    >> i think, you know, it might not seem real to them at first. they've seen things on tv, they watch things. the cartels are a part of their everyday life . one of the things the cartel do is they get them used to murdering. you agree to join right away you're involved in cutting off limbs. you become desensitized to it.

    >> it's a right of passage.

    >> absolutely.

    >> what a lot of people may be wondering is this is happening in border towns . we're talking about juarez and el paso . can we see this heading over to our border anytime soon?

    >> we certainly have got to watch out for. certainly these mexican cartels they operate in more than 230 cities in the united states . they're already here. the violence, drug violence is already here related to these mexican cartels we need to do more to stop them and dismantle them.

    >> thanks so much for being with us.

    >> thanks.

    >> if you have any questions or comments make sure to follow me on twitter. i'm

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