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Penguins identify mates, kin by smell, study finds

Penguins can sniff out the odor of lifelong mates, helping them reunite in crowded colonies, and also can identify the scent of close kin to avoid inbreeding, scientists said on Wednesday.Full story

Animal Tracks: There once was an ugly penguin...

A bird of no feathers flocks alone: A poor little featherless pengiun born Aug. 17, 2011, was abandoned by its parents just days after its birth. Full story

Fall films the whole family can enjoy

  Kelly Wallace, of, talks about all of the great family flicks hitting theaters this season, including “Happy Feet Two,” "Puss in Boots" and “The Muppets.”

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Emma Thompson writing new 'Peter Rabbit' book

Penguin 'Happy Feet' missing in action

Animal Tracks: 'Happy Feet' fully recovered, starts journey back to Antarctica

Wayward penguin released south of New Zealand

Animal Tracks: Scientists ready to release wayward penguin back into wild

Animal Tracks: Wayward penguin set to return home to Antarctic

Wayward penguin has 120,000 Web fans

Lost penguin perks up after surgery

Stranded penguin moved to zoo, surgery next

Happy Feet? Penguin found far from home


  Where’s Happy Feet?

The beloved and confused penguin, who captured hearts around the world after washing up on a New Zealand beach, has apparently disappeared after his tracking device stopped transmitting a signal on his way back to Antarctica.

  After rehab, lost penguin ‘Happy Feet’ returns to the wild

The wayward Emperor penguin first discovered in New Zealand after wandering from his Antarctica home in June has received medical treatment and was re-released into the wild on Sunday.

  Happy Feet heading home

After a lot of help from zookeepers, an Emperor penguin rescued last June on a warm New Zealand beach today started the nearly 2,000-mile journey home. NBC's Annabelle Roberts reports.

  Wayward penguin released back into ocean

A malnurished penguin named after the movie "Happy Feet" was released back into the ocean after being nursed back to health.

  Wayward penguin finally heads home

Happy Feet, a penguin found thousands of miles away from home on a New Zealand beach, is finally returning to the Antarctic. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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Bald baby penguin rejected at birth, Dalian, Liaoning Province, China - 13 Sep 2011
Bald baby penguin rejected at birth, Dalian, Liaoning Province, China - 13 Sep 2011

Manadatory Credit: Photo by Quirky China News/Rex / Rex USA The baby penguin before being returned to its family groupBald baby penguin rejected at birth, Dalian, Liaoning Province, China - 13 Sep 2011A featherless penguin abandoned by its parents days after its birth has been accepted back into

TO GO WITH NZealand-animal-conservation-penguin,FEATURE by Neil SandsThis photo taken on August 25, 2011 shows New Zealand's most famous penguin "Happy Feet" in his ice-lined, air conditioned room at Wellington Zoo's hospital. Fattened up on a diet of "fish milkshakes" and escorted by his own pers