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The iPad is the undisputed champion of the tablet market right now, so one would expect it to dominate tablet traffic on the Internet. And yet it's still surprising to see just how dominant it is, accounting for 97 percent of U.S. Internet traffic from tablet devices.

Digital marketing measurer comScore released a report detailing Internet use from many mobile devices. The report revealed that the iPad is even leading in other countries where tablet competitors have had more success. The iPad accounts for 89 percent of tablet Internet usage worldwide.

Tablets and smartphones are becoming so easy to use for browsing the Web that they're finally taking a significant portion of Internet traffic away from the traditional computer. Nearly 10 percent of traffic in the U.K. comes from mobile devices; in the U.S., it's nearly 7 percent. This supports recent results from a Performics study that said more than 10 percent of search traffic was coming from mobile devices.

So far, Apple has sold an estimated 25 million tablets, while competitors haven't been able to reach even a fraction of these sales. The larger screen of the iPad makes it a more attractive option for browsing the Web, although it still can't compete with sales numbers of iPhones and other Android phones. But usage statistics for Apple's tablet increase with each new study, meaning it's well on its way to becoming a dominant method of accessing the Internet.

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